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Privacy Policy

0. Disclaimer

Our full privacy policy is currently available in English, but we are working on others languages. Below you may find a short statement regarding the protection of your data in English. In case of any doubt and for legal queries, please refer to the original Spanish text.

1. Scope of This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy on applies to the website of PT South Quality SAS.

The Argentine Nacional Act on Data Protection applies.

2. Data Protection

South Quality treats personal client data with absolute confidentiality in accordance with legal requirements and this data protection declaration.

Collection and processing of personal client data, data generated by the creation of a user profile, and technical data regarding the used operating system and web browser (browser type and version, operating system, referrer URL, hostname of the accessing computer, time stamp of the server request, IP-address) are performed by. The data collected will not be consolidated with information from other data sources.

The client is entitled, at any time and free of charge, to receive information regarding stored personal data, particularly with respect to the purpose, recipient, and origin of said data. The client may as a matter of course demand at any time that his personal data be corrected, blocked, or deleted.

During a visit to the website, a client’s online actions may be recorded and processed statistically and anonymously without the possibility of retracing the actions to any specific client. So-called cookies as well as analysis software are used for this purpose.

The organization responsible for the processing of personal-related data from the aforementioned website is:


Responsible Entity
PT South Quality SAS

CUIT 30-71707517-6
Pareja 3981 - Villa Devoto
1419 Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
+54 9 11 2614 6800

The aforementioned website uses SSL encryption for security purposes. This prevents transmitted data from being intercepted by third parties. No liability is taken for data and information transmitted outside of the confines of the website (for example by e-mail) and therefore not protected from interception by third parties.

If you have questions with regard to the subject of data protection, please feel free to contact us at any time.


3. Currentness and Revisions of This Privacy Policy

We may make changes and amendments to this privacy policy at any moment.


Buenos Aires, 24.03.2020 Version V.02

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