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Welcome to South Quality.

South Quality is an Argentine company that provides proficiency tests carried out according to ISO / IEC 17043: 2010 standard.

Founded in the city of Córdoba in 2000, in its beginnings the company was only dedicated to proficiency programs in the metallurgical sector, which at that time were carried out under the ISO / IEC Guide 43-1 standard.

Through the years and the experience obtained, the company was expanding its areas with the incorporation of highly qualified experts in each one of them.

South Quality offers quality service and quick response to its clients. Based on this, the company has expanded the portfolio of bilateral programs, in which the participant is compared to a reference laboratory or a reference material. These kinds of programs are useful when the participating laboratory requires minimizing shipping and testing times.

In recent years, South Quality has reached a minimum floor of 200 proficiency programs conducted annually, thanks to the trust of our clients.

Our central office has moved to the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina since 2008. Our staff is currently made up of a total of 20 people, including managerial, administrative, technical, and logistical positions.

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